inventory policy

in 250 words and on the company Walmart.

You can make an inference from the ratios. By examining the trend in a company’s ratios from, say 2011 to 2012, you can see how the company is doing.

For this discussion, do your own ratio analysis. For example, you can calculate the current and quick ratios to find the state of a company’s liquidity. How is the net working capital? Is it good news? How is inventory policy (research and use activity ratios)? How is the leverage? Collectively, what do you see as the big picture?

In your initial post, share your conclusion about the two-year trend of the company you chose for your course project and the reasons why you came to that conclusion. You can list some ratios from the financial statements to back up your thinking. Make sure you are clear on which figures you are using from which year(s).