Leading Lean Enterprises Changes


Leading Lean Enterprises Changes


NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Write a 1,050-word paper to assess and resolve resistance to process change. 


Identify at least two non-standardized processes in your own organization or one you are familiar with that can be documented. 


Address the following in your paper: INTRODUCTION & CONCLUSION REQUIRED!


·         Describe the two non-standardized processes selected.


·         Explain why the non-standardized process should be standardized to help reduce variation.  If you think a non-standardized process is OK to utilize, explain why and how you will control variation.


·         Evaluate challenges that the selected organization may face in implementing the identified lean enterprise improvements. For example, examine your DMAIC assignment in Week 3 where you improved a process.  What are the barriers to implementing these changes? 


·         Recommend how your selected organization may resolve resistance to change or overcoming change.


·         Explain how management can help organizations facilitate change with empowerment and getting everyone involved.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Use a minimum of 3 different references that are not from the same online text, library book or article.