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December 3, 2019
Theoretical Frameworks
December 3, 2019

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EDU 695 Week 2 Journal Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection. Reflect on one of the following three sentence starters:

  1. In my classroom, I tried to promote student learning by [implementing]…
  2. In thinking about my future classroom, I want to promote student learning by…
  3. I would like to improve education by…

EDU 695 Week 3 Assignment Critical Reviews of Literature

Critical Reviews of Literature. By researching the current literature, you will have a better understanding of your context of the question or problem you are considering. A literature review is a critical, in- depth evaluation and summary of previous and current research. It establishes why you are pursuing a particular research study and validates your wanting to do so. You are evaluating the quality and findings of studies in a way that supports your own research. As such, you want to be critical of the credibility of the sources.

Create an annotated bibliography of five research articles from peer-reviewed or scholarly sources about empirical studies that relate to your topic as defined in Week Two. You will be able to use this assignment to write a literature review for your Final Projectt. Provide an examination of each article for its relevance to your study. You must include a clear connection between how each article relates to your topic of study. Each article must have been published within the past five years. Your assignment should be two to five pages in length and must be in APA formatting.

Here is an example of a critical review: The Writer’s Handbook: Writing Book Reviews.

EDU 695 Week 3 DQ 1 Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools. Read the article entitled, “Assessment in Work‐Based Learning:Investigating a Pedagogical Approach to Enhance Student Learning.” According to Brodie and Irving (2007):

As teachers […], we need to ensure that students will know:

  1. what learning is (learning implies change)—learning theory;
  2. how to do it best (the style, approach, fitness for purpose)—learning theory;
  3. when they have learned (description of and reflection about the learning)—critical reflection;
  4. what their learning is informed by (its validity; how it stands up to scrutiny against outside evidence)—
    critical reflection;
  5. what they need to learn (future learning)—critical reflection;
  6. what they have learned, know more about, become more able at doing (analysis and evaluation of the
    learning)—capability (p.14).

In this discussion, reflect upon your experiences throughout your degree program with selecting assessment methods and designing assessment tools to evaluate learning. Explain how assessment can be used for both individual learner mastery and continuous quality improvement of the instruction. Offer your thoughts on how critical reflection is essential in the assessment process not only for the educator, but for learners as well. Be sure to support your assertions with references from the reading.X

EDU 695 Week 3 DQ 2 Assessment Methods

Assessment Methods. Read the Hansen and Brody article entitled, “Solving Problems Through Action Research.” Specifically pay attention to the various data collection methods. Also think about how other action researchers have collected data. (See examples in Week Two, Discussion 2.)

Think about your instructional problem and your research question. In this discussion forum, propose and describe two to three specific assessment methods and/or instruments to further assess your instructional problem. You will critically reflect on your assessment and instrument choice(s) to justify why it fits your problem and explain how it will assess critical elements of your problem. Refer to the Brodie and Irving article to help you define categories for your critical reflection. (This can help you design the Data Methods section of your Final Project.)

EDU 695 Week 4 Assignment Outline

Outline. Read the Tillotson article entitled, “Studying the Game: Action Research in Science Education.” Using this article as a model, outline your own action research study according to the author’sexplanations. Include the following sections:

  1. An analysis of the setting
  2. An analysis of the problem formulation
  3. A description of data collection
  4. A description of data analysis
  5. A description of reporting results
  6. A description of action planning

Your outline must be two to four pages in length, include two scholarly resources in addition to the course text, and must be in proper APA formatting.

EDU 695 Week 4 DQ 1 Patterns and Trends

Patterns and Trends. Analyze and synthesize findings from your Week Three assignment, specifically the critical reviews of empirical studies relevant to your research question. Extract at least three patterns and/or trends from the five studies. What are some common findings? Explain how these patterns and/or trends inform your research and how they support learning outcomes for a diverse student population.

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