Nationwide arena in Columbus

Student 1

“Innovation is defined as “optimizing the potential benefits embedded in an idea that is new to

you” (Soken,2014). In the article what Kills innovation the authors talk about the way innovation

is hindered in organization. In addition, they give some tip on how to foster innovation in the

organization and move forward.

Nyresha Shields is the food and beverage director at Nationwide arena in Columbus

Ohio. I had the pleasure of working for her during my undergrad at the Great American Ballpark

in Cincinnati, Ohio. At that time, she was Suites Manager. We were about the same age so it was

easy to identify with her. She was very passionate about her position and proved it daily.

Some of the ways she fostered innovation (1) Creating and Sustaining a team. She was

always visible and would jump in when and where ever needed. She led by example and always

gave tip top customer service. She held quick standup meetings daily to talk about the day before

and always left the floor open for thoughts on how things could be done better. She really

listened and made us feel like our opinions were valuable. (2) She was willing to take risks.

When we did offer up suggestions for things that weren’t working quite right she would let us

test out new strategies on customer approaches to see how they would work. What did work she

would take her bosses to be in place.

The biggest point I think leaders could take away from this article to foster innovation I

to let their employees know that their opinions matter, and if it is something viable it would be

taken into consideration. I had a previous job where points were deducted from my yearly review

because I was told I don’t offer ideas on new ways to do things, however it was such a hostile

work environment that I was afraid to make any suggestions because of the fear of being


This type of open communication can have an astounding effect on the culture of the

organization because the people who do the work every day are the best resources for change and

also a wealth of knowledge therefore leading innovative ideas that can be brought to fruition.


Soken, N. H., & Kim Barnes, B. (2014). What kills innovation? your role as a leader in

supporting an innovative culture. Industrial and Commercial Training, 46(1), 7-15.