successful change programmers

Following up on our discussion this morning in class about the poster assignment:

(1) The task is to produce an infographic explaining a key concept or finding in organisational development research. For instance, you might explain the concept of organisational culture, or team development processes, or the challenges facing successful change programmers. It’s up to you, but it should be something we’ve covered in class.

(2) This is the site I showed you this morning with some good examples:

Google and you’ll find more (but do not copy from your online research).

(3) The idea is that information can be more strikingly and quickly conveyed using a visual presentation. You might imagine that you’re an organisational development consultant presenting to a team or management in a company you are working with or hoping to work with.

(4) Again, googling will find you lots of free sites that will enable you to create an infographic so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have design or artistic skills!

(5) Please upload your infographic poster as a pdf file by 11.59pm Sunday of Week 12.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the task! Any questions, please email me.