the assignment submittal window.

Read the case attached, “Facebook and WhatsApp: Acquire or Ally,” and using the methodology and the format contained in the Case Analysis Folder, analyze and develop your paper to be submitted in bbl by attaching your word document to this assignment.I do not want you to cut and paste the paper in the assignment submittal window. I will not accept email or hard copy submittals.

Use these as your Case Questions: Make sure to use these (see Rubric) as your headings in the report. Dont make me search for this content. See the rubric for point allottment and headings for the paper.

1. Review the short term and long term issues facing both companies.

2. Analysis Section

    2.1 Using the Five Forces model anlayze the competitive environment facing Facebook and WhatsApp.

    2.2 Analyze the macro or general environment for the Internet Publishing and Broadcasting Industry (SIC 51913) You can use the IBIS World study for reference.

    2.3 Bonus worth 20 points: Use SAM and do a financial analysis of Facebook using the data from the case.

    2.4 Do a SWOT and TOWS Analysis of both companies and determine what kind of strategies are suggested from the TOWS matrix. (Hint: SO, SW, WO, and WT strategies.)

   2.5 Do a Risk Assessment for both companies in this case.

   2.6 Did Facebook pay too much for WhatsApp?

3. What are the alternatives in this case (duh)

4. What are the criteria for decision making in this case?

5. Do a decision matrix, does your decison jibe with the one FB made? Why or why not?

6. How would you implement your decision?

7. What are your overall conclusions and insights to this case?