to  solicit quotes from vendors.

using Peapod as the company, 


Whether the system will be developed in-house, use package software,  or be outsourced, a Request for Proposal (RFP) must be prepared to  solicit quotes from vendors. The primary purpose is to communicate with  vendors and rank software and hardware products from different  candidates. A formal RFP must include system requirements and design  features to support the IT system as well as research on technical  criteria and options. These tasks are done in combination with the  project manager, developers, and business analyst.

Once all RFP responses are received from selected vendors,  proposals are evaluated and ranked. Having ranked the proposals, the  next step is to present the best options to management in the  feasibility report. Once the vendor approval is obtained, the business  analyst and project manager will meet with the winning vendor and begin  contract negotiations and license agreements. The following RFP samples  will give you an idea how these are prepared.

IMPORTANT BELOW, Example on how it should look like.

  • Sample Request for proposal Template
  • Request for Proposal

The following documents have examples for RFP for a phone system  and a website. Since each student’s assignment is different, you can use  the sections to fill in the specifics for your project. All RFP  templates are very similar, but on the Internet, these RFPs are already  filled out by real companies. To prepare the RFP, you need to consider  the main sections and fill in your information not in long detail but  enough to make the assignment understandable and substantial for a  vendor to read.

  • Website RFP Sample Template
  • SME Toolkit