what challenges or constraints may the project have

Project Plan Creation:

Include the following components in an MS Word document, to serve as the starting point for your project plan. Include a cover page for your project and then headings that represent the below sections.

1. Project Overview •Purpose and Objectives. Provide a few sentences introducing and providing the purpose of the project. Include what is the problem we are solving (if applicable), why are we pursing the project, and what challenges or constraints may the project have.

•Project Deliverables. List major items or features to be delivered (offer at least 5).

2. Project Risks •In a few sentences, what types of risks do you feel could offer challenges to be able to successful complete the project? Note we will dig further in how to identify risks in a future module, but for this section, just choose ones that you feel, without knowing much about risks, could pose issues to the project.

3. Project Schedule •In general terms, write a few sentences regarding the timeline you feel this project can be completed in. Do you feel the timeline can be accomplished (note if not – then this should be a project risk).

4. Project Budget •In a few sentences, what type of budget (estimate) would you associate to the project and how did you determine this value? No need to get specific, as we will cover that in a future module.

5. Communication Management •In a couple of sentences, what method and how often would you communicate to your project team (example: weekly status emails and bi-weekly status meetings).

6. Tracking and Status Updates •In a couple of sentences, how will you know if the project is successful?