Be sure to integrate concepts, definitions, and topics from lecture.

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Please read the instruction photo and do what it asked you to do, I need 500 words and please include the picture you chose in case the teacher ask for them. The country was chosen is China.


Find 2 high-quality photos that demonstrate 2 different landscapes from within your assigned country (e.g. one urban scene + one natural scene).

Using concepts related to place and landscape (as well as others from previously discussed in class, if appropriate) describe what is present in these photographs and what they mean to your country.

need it in 8 hours or earlier


  • Be sure to integrate concepts, definitions, and topics from lecture.
  • Use reliable sources and include in-text citations as well as a reference list.
  • Try and use to TBTW¬†paragraph format to organize your writing. Look back at the slides that included tips for writing cohesively in the social sciences.
  • Make sure that every claim that you make is supported by reasoning.
  • **Remember that I do not have specialized knowledge of every single country in the world. Don’t assume that I am familiar with the marital practices of the people of Zimbabwe or the ways in which employers select job candidates for international supply chain work in Singapore….
    • Therefore, you must fully explain and support your ideas. Assume nothing. Make connections. Make it clear.¬† Spell it out for me.
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