Steel is forged at temperature of 1316C A 1.8 kg mass of steel is quenched in a bath of 2.5kg of water raising the water temperature from 25C to 100C….

Steel is forged at temperature of 1316C A 1.8 kg mass of steel is quenched in a bath of 2.5kg of water raising the water temperature from 25C to 100C.
A. What will the final temperaure of the steel after quenching?
B. What is the amount of heat transferred from the steel to the water if the specific heat of steel is 452J/kg/K?
C. What is the mass of the water that remains in the water bath after the steel is quenched?
D. Before the steel is quenched how much heat would the smith have to add to the steel per second to keep it at the forging temperature of 1316C in a 35C room if the steel loses all of its heat through radiation? Assume the emissivity of the steel is 0.32 and the surface area is 0.11m2. The Stefan-Boltzman constant is 5.67×10^-8 W/m^2/K^4?
Please show all work!

Understanding Faith Formation: Theological, Congregational, and Global Dimensions

Each review must be no more than five pages (1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-ptfont), conforming to the format below. For the two textbooks not reviewed, the student will compose athree-paragraph reflection. The first paragraph should provide a broad, sweeping summary of thebook’s thesis and content, the second paragraph should assess the book’s strengths and weakness, andthe third paragraph should identify specific applications to life and ministry. Finally, students shouldinclude 2-3 questions that might prompt fruitful conversation in class meeting.  REVIEW FORMAT:Introduction (1 paragraph): Briefly introduce the book’s purpose and author. Biographicalinformation (education, training, experience) should be included only as it demonstrates theauthor’s competency to write the book.Summary (1 page): Briefly provide a minimal summary of the books content. Address the author’sprimary thesis and summarize the main points or arguments by which the author defends his/herthesis.Critical Evaluation (2-3 pages): Carefully weigh the author’s claims and the arguments used tosupport them. Avoid bland endorsements, blanket dismissals, and trivial criticisms (liketypographical mistakes). Engage the main points that relate to the author’s thesis, and use specific examples. You might consider the following:Are the claims and arguments well supported? What are the strengths and weaknesses in the author’s argumentation? Assess the arguments biblically and theologically.Does the author approach the subject with any overall perspectives or biases that condition hisor her conclusions? Here may be theological, experiential, philosophical, denominational, orcultural. Do these perspectives limit or enhance the value or applicability of the book?How does the author’s presentation fare when compared to similar books? How successful is the book at accomplishing its own goals?Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs): Give your overall evaluation of the book, in light of its strengths and weaknesses. How is the book valuable for your own research? How can the book be improved? Atthe bottom, include 2-3 discussion questions that might prompt health classroom conversation  Due May 17, 11:59 p.m. Review or Reflection: Maddix, Mark A., Kim, Jonathan H., and Estep,James Riley, Jr. Understanding Faith Formation: Theological, Congregational, and Global Dimensions. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2020. ISBN: 978-1540960382

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Please read the paper by Claude Levi-Strauss in the section labelled “Files.”For this reflection (and for the others as well) I seek a 250 word short paper. Roughly 60-80% should be a summary of the reading. The remaining 20-40% should discuss how the ideas in the reading might be reflected in something you would cook for friends or family. In particular, how might you prepare a dish using these ideas and what would you call it?
Reflections are to be turned in as attachments only and should be double-spaced Word files. Spelling and grammar ALWAYS count and you will be graded accordingly.
Summary – 1 pt.
Dish – 0.5 pts.
Spelling & Grammar – 0.5pts.



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how you would apply a concept whilst undertaking a nursing skill.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore how you would apply a concept whilst undertaking a nursing skill. You must: Consider the concepts, which will be one of the following.
1) Compassion
2) Respect
3) Reassurance
4) Coping
Choose one of the following nursing skills to consider within your essay:
Elimination needs
Undertaking clinical observations (pulse, blood pressure, respiration and temperature)
Hygiene requirements
Assisting with nutrition
You should define the specific concept and the specific nursing skill, as well discuss the relevance to nursing. Following this, you should discuss how you would apply the concept whilst undertaking the skill in practice. You should also demonstrate how the outlined actions can support one of the 6 senses of relationship centred care (Sense of security)
Your work should be clearly presented. You will need to support your work with appropriate literature and theory which will need to be correctly referenced. The word limit for this piece of work is 2000 words.
Define the concept and identify why this concept is important or relevant to nursing.
You will have: · Clearly defined the concept ·
Outlined the main features of the concept ·
Explained the importance/relevance of this concept to nursing                         10%
Define the chosen nursing skill, and identify why this skill was chosen.
You will have: · Clearly stated what nursing skill you chose ·
Outlined the main features of the skill ·
Explained why you chose this skill                                                                                  10%
Outline how the concept should influence how the skill is undertaken in clinical practice.
You will have: · Discussed how the main principles of the concept would influence how you would undertake the skill in practice e.g. closing curtains; maintaining privacy; explanations to the patient. · Supported your discussion with relevant literature.                                                      50%
Consider how the nursing skill and the concept support one of the 6 senses of relationship centred care.
You will have: · Identified one of the six senses of relationship centred care ·
Outlined how the concept and nursing skill enabled, for example, a sense of security     10%
Support the discussion with relevant literature. You will have: · Used relevant literature to support your thoughts and actions                                                                                                             10%
Demonstrated logical and coherent development in your work. It must be clearly presented You will have:

Structured your essay in a logical manner including an introduction and summary or conclusion ·

Demonstrated a coherent line of discussion                                                   5%
Include correct in text citation and proper and complete reference list using Harvard Referencing.
N/B ; The chosen concept is Compassion and you can write on Either of elimination needs or assisting with nutrition as the skill.
Also show how the sense of security is achieved or maintained

Disseminating EBP

Disseminating EBP
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The apertures and the de Broglie wavelengths of the electrons used in four transmission electron microscopes are shown below microscope aperture / Um…

Please help to answer below question in the attach.
The apertures and the de Broglie wavelengths of the electrons used in four transmission electron microscopes are shown belowmicroscopeaperture / Umde Broglie wavelength of the electronsused / hm00400.00500.00550.0065Assume that the resolving power of a microscope is only limitedted by diffraction . Which of the following microscopes has the smallestminimum resolvable angular separation ?Answer & ChoicesO A

How to Write a Statement of the Problem Effectively

A statement of the problem is used by researchers as a claim that will outline the problem which the study addresses. A statement of the problem is an actual way of defining an issue and then provide a solution immediately. Always think about the problem and the suggested solution before writing a problem statement, and have findings to support it.Tips of Writing a Problem Statement Describe the problem itselfA problem statement can be written in different ways, but the best strategy is to give background information for your reading audience to understand the problem first. Explain briefly how it would have been if the problem wasn’t there.For example, if you work at a train station and you notice the way passengers get on your train is time-consuming. You can start your statement of the problem by giving details of a state where getting in the system is time-consuming. You can add that the station’s board should state this: “The getting in code that is used by this train station should focus in ensuring that each passenger enter the train quickly so that the train can leave as soon as possible Expound your problemThe aim of a statement of a problem in research is to present the problem concisely for the readers to understand. For instance, let’s say that you have come up with a more efficient way of passengers getting in the train, you can go on like, “However, the train’s passenger entering system currently is the most unproductive way of resources and time. Describe the financial costs of the problemAfter you have stated your problem, you’re going to explain why you think it’s important. In the world of business, money is the most important thing. In this case, you’re going to talk about the effects of your problem’s finance on the organization you’re writing for. For example, is the problem you’re talking about preventing your business from generating more revenue? Is it costly?Let’s use the train station, for instance, you can talk about the financial cost of the problem this way: “The ineffectual of the getting in currently is financially distressing the company.” Averagely, the train station is wasting 10 minutes on each entering time leading to so many hours of waste per day. Support your claimAlways support your claim with logical proof. In an academic statement of the problem, you will be required to provide evidence by referencing in the paper of your problem statement. In other circumstances, you can just use commentary or any other form of interpretation for your mention. Suggest a solutionAfter describing what the problem is and why it is a big deal, you can explain how to solve it. For instance, in the train station, the solution to the time consuming getting in is the new system we have invented. You can proceed in two sentences to give more details of the new system. It’s because our main focus is on the body paragraph. Describe the importance of the solution Now that your readers are fully aware of what is going to be done, proceed and let them know why this solution is important. You can concentrate on the financial effects of the solution, like what cost should be cut and what profit it will make. For instance, you can talk about the income that the train station will save with the solution provided. Sum up the problem and its solutionOnce the company’s vision has been issued, you have introduced the perfect perception for your company, outlined the problem that’s preventing you from achieving this vision, and came up with a solution, you are almost finished. What you have to do is summarize all your main arguments.For instance, you might conclude about the train station like this: “The application of the new protocol in the train station is important for the generation of the company’s revenue.” At this point, the reader is aware that the current getting in the process is not effective. The new one is the best. Summarize with a thesis statementA thesis is a single sentence that sums up your argument. A good thesis will identify the problem and offer a solution.The establishment of the statement of a problem is an essential part of the research paper. We hope that these tips have helped you to reach the objective of writing a perfect statement of a problem. If you’re still having any doubts, you can visit us on for more assistance.

National Incident Management System, health and medical assignment help

Case Assignment
National Incident Management System (NIMS) (2008). Department of Homeland Security. FEMA:…
Review Appendix B—Incident Command System, specifically, references to the Medical Unit and medical services.
Discuss the medical components in terms of:

Personnel Credentialing
Emergency Operations Center
ICS 206, Medical Plan

Review section: “Elements of National Health Security,” National Health Security Strategy. Public Health Emergency. Retrieved from:…
What are the implications in conjunction to the NIMS?
Assignment Expectations
Length: This Case Assignment should be at least 3–4 pages (not counting the title page and references).
References: At least two references should be included from academic sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles). Required readings are included. Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is critical thinking). Use your own words and build on the ideas of others. When material is copied verbatim from external sources, it MUST be enclosed in quotes. The references should be cited within the text and also listed at the end of the assignment in the References section (preferably in APA format).

 Samuel is going to the dentist for some work and must take endocarditis prophylaxis because of his history of:

Samuel is going to the dentist for some work and must take endocarditis prophylaxis because of his history of:
a. Severe asthma.
b. A common valvular lesion.
c. Severe hypertension.
d. A previous coronary artery bypass graft (CABG).The post  Samuel is going to the dentist for some work and must take endocarditis prophylaxis because of his history of: first appeared on . Samuel is going to the dentist for some work and must take endocarditis prophylaxis because of his history of: was first posted on May 2, 2024 at 7:41 am.©2019 " ". Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at [email protected]