Entrepreneurial Titans


Assignment 2: Two Entrepreneurial Titans – Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick

Due Week 8 and worth 260 points

In  order to complete this assignment, refer to the Case Study titled  “Two  Entrepreneurial Titans – Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick” found in   Chapter 11 of your Reeves textbook. Based on the Case Study, write a  four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Compare and contrast three (3) aspects of both Mary Kay Ash and  Anita Roddick  as managers and as leaders. Next, give your opinion as to  who you  believe is the better manager and leader. Justify your  response.
  2. Analyze  the significance of Ash and Roddick’s achievements on  women leadership  during their respective eras. Next, give your opinion  as to what you  believe were each woman’s greatest accomplishments.  Justify your  response.
  3. Analyze  the following quote from Mary Kay Ash and suggest three  (3) ways it is  relevant to a successful business: “People are  definitely a company’s  greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference  whether the product is  cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as  the people it keeps.”  Provide support for your response.
  4. Evaluate  the importance of one (1) of the following quotes from  Anita Roddick, and speculate about two (2) lessons managers can learn  from it:
    1. “For  me, campaigning and good business is also about putting  forward  solutions, not just opposing destructive practices or human  rights  abuses.”
    2. “If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”
  5. Examine  both Ash’s and Roddick’s leadership styles. Next, select  either Ash or  Roddick, and specify whether or not you would emulate her  style if you  were in her position. Provide a rationale for your  response.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be  typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12),  with  one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must  follow APA  or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any  additional  instructions.
  • Include  a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the  student’s  name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.  The cover  page and the reference page are not included in the required  assignment  page length.


A full-sentence outline helps you create the structure of your paper and the topic sentences of your paragraphs at the same time. Think of this document as your blueprint for the final paper. By approaching the outline in this way, you can more easily move paragraphs around and edit the flow of the paper before you write the full paper. This makes editing for the flow of information easier.

For this activity, create a full-sentence outline for your final paper. Each sentence will act as a topic sentence for a new paragraph in your paper. The entire paper should be outlined using this method. This will allow your instructor to provide feedback to you about the information flow in your paper.

Use APA 6th ed. formatting, Times New Roman, 12-point font, with one inch margins. Include a title page for your assignment. —

pursuing a doctoral degree.   

3- to 5-page Self-Assessment in which you do the following: 

Explain why you are pursuing a doctoral degree.   

Briefly describe the results of your SWOT analysis.

Formulate three goals you plan to accomplish as a result of (or in conjunction with) completion of your DBA degree.

Compose at least three personal or professional strengths that will aid you in achieving your goals and at least three challenges that might prevent you from reaching your goals.

Assess how prepared you are to overcome these challenges, including any strategies you have developed or resources you may draw on to help you achieve your goals.

Conclude why earning your DBA degree can not only help you to achieve your goals but can create opportunities for you as a global change agent to devise solutions to complex business problems and to effect positive social change in the world and/or your community.


the food truck business

Unit VI Case Study

For this assignment, you will evaluate the concepts associated with entrepreneurship.

First, locate the video below in the Films on Demand database in the CSU Online Library. ABC News. (2013). Building a food truck business from the ground up [Video file]. In Films On Demand. Retrieved from https://libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/login?auth=CAS&url=http://fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx? wID=273866&xtid=54907 Click here to view the video transcript.


Next, answer the following questions. 1. What value does this business bring to the communities it serves? 2. What are the advantages of the food truck business? 3. What are the risks involved in this business? 4. What characteristics of the owners help to make this business a success? 5. What type of entrepreneurship is displayed in the video? Explain. 6. Why is additional support critical for the success of the food truck business? 7. What suggestions would you recommend for this business?

Your case study must be a minimum of two pages in length.

external and internal motivators.

Virtual Teams and Communication

In this assignment, you will study the structure of virtual teams and the managerial skills required for managing them.

Leaders often work with employees in teams located in different parts of the world. These teams are called virtual teams.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about working with, leading, and communicating with virtual teams.

Based on your research, complete the following tasks:

  • Provide suggestions regarding how leaders can help virtual teams to be successful and resolve misunderstandings and conflicts in such situations through frequent meetings. Include how leaders deal with the advantages and challenges associated with leading virtual teams by using external and internal motivators.
  • Explain how you think issues such as team mission, training, rules, regulations, expectations, and feedback could be used to make the teams work together successfully.
  • Leaders must often communicate within their organizations about upcoming changes. Explain in detail the important aspects of the scope and structure of a leadership communication program designed to explain changes that will occur within the organization

non-disclosure agreement

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to identify the form of intellectual property outlined, and to examine the different types of torts committed. 

Assignment Steps 

Scenario: Sam is an employee of ABC Paper Corp. He signed a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of his employment with ABC. Sam is approached by XYZ Paper Co. with an offer of employment, but only if he brings his client list with him. Sam was fully responsible for creating his client list, so he agrees to provide it to XYZ. When Sam downloads his client list onto an external flash drive, he is caught in the act by his boss Natalie. Sam grabs the flash drive and runs out of his office, shoving Natalie aside when she attempts to stop him. Natalie falls and hits her head against the doorknob, suffering a concussion. 

Develop a 250-word analysis using the information posed in the scenario.

  • Discuss if any of Sam’s actions subject him to criminal liability.

Cite a minimum of one peer-reviewed reference.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 


displaying total costs graphically.

Purpose of Assignment 

Electronic spreadsheets are useful tools, especially when creating a business budget. Once a spreadsheet is set up correctly in Excel®, values can be modified at any time, and the electronic spreadsheet will automatically update itself. Students will create a spreadsheet of computer equipment for a small fictional business where they are the owner. They will include the cost of all hardware and software needed for their employees, and calculate a monthly budget for the equipment. 

Assignment Steps 


· Research hardware and software to satisfy operational requirements described above

· Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016: Introductory: Module 1: Creating a Worksheet and a Chart

· Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016: Introductory: Module 2: Formulas, Function, and Formatting

Scenario: Imagine you are the owner of a small internet business where you employ five people. You need to budget for the cost of hardware and software needed to run company operations. Each employee is required to work both in the office and remotely, and needs access to company data at all times. 

Choose the hardware and software that will provide your employees with the ability to stay connected to internal company data, communicate and collaborate with coworkers, and process data and sales information using wording, processing, and spreadsheet software applications. 

Create a business budget sheet using Microsoft® Excel®. In the budget sheet, do the following: 

· List the make and model of desired hardware devices and their cost.

· List software operating systems and applications for each device and their costs.

· Sum up the cost for both hardware and software for each employee, and then calculate the average monthly costs to maintain these systems.

· Insert a graph or chart displaying total costs graphically.

· Label columns/rows with titles reflecting data they contain.

· Use no more than two sheets in one workbook to display required data.

· Format data to highlight important totals. 

Note: this assignment only requires that you submit an Excel® Workbook file. There are no written or APA guideline requirements. 

Revisit the controversy

In this assignment, you will first write your conclusion; then, you will write your abstract.


Conclusion (150-200 words):





o Emphasize the seriousness of the controversy.


o Answer the “So what?” question.


o Suggest a general solution (optional).


o Call for awareness/action.


o Leave the reader with a final thought.


 Abstract (200 words or less): For this assignment, you may not exceed 200 words.


o Restatement of the controversy (one to two sentences)


o Your thesis (one sentence)


o Reasons (three to four sentences)


o Conclusion sentence (one sentence)


Use attachment to develop conclusion and abstract


  Why does Margaret Walker call this book “Jubilee”?

Write a 5-pages essay, double spaced. Consider the following questions in your writing:

·         Why does Margaret Walker call this book “Jubilee“?

·         What can we learn about slavery from Vyry’s childhood?

·         What does it mean to be a young girl in Vyry’s world? How does her experience compare to other young girls at the time?

·         What expectations did men have of women in slavery?

·         How does Vyry respond to the great historical changes happening around her?

·         How helpful is this book to an understanding of American history?

Your paper should follow the conventions of history papers, using endnotes or footnotes. Refer to instructions in Kate Turabian, A Manual for the Writing of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations or the Chicago Manual of Style. Both are available in the library and on the internet.

The composition of any paper must be entirely your own work. If the exact words of another are used, even to a limited degree, quotation marks must be used and a documentary reference (a note) given. If information or ideas are taken from another work, although not a direct quotation, you must give credit in the notes as to the source of the information. Failure to give such credit is plagiarism and is equivalent to cheating on an examination. Submission of a paper which is copied from another work or written by someone other than the student, or which contains fictitious notes, will result in failure of the course. Keep all notes and drafts of papers until the final paper has been returned with a grade or until the course is over. I may ask you to show and discuss with me your notes and various drafts of your papers.

A superior or excellent essay (A or B):

Content, ideas, analysis, interpretation

1.    Specifically, answers the question. Fulfills the demand of the action verb: compare, synthesize, critique, evaluate, etc.

2.    Fully explains (interprets) the key historical issues involved: why did this happen in this way?

3.    Links the topic to the historical trends of the period.

Use of historical evidence

1.    Supports all statements (explanations, interpretations) with specific evidence (examples, illustrations, concrete historical actions).

2.    Appropriately includes direct or indirect quotations, without overusing them. Persons quoted clearly identified.

Organization and logic

1.    Organizes ideas and themes into logical sequences and subtopics appropriate to the question.

2.    Includes a brief, clear introduction that summarizes the paper’s major focus and guides the reader on what to expect in the body.

3.    Includes a thesis statement early in the paper.

4.    Includes a brief logical summation or conclusion. This section may also point to important issues and questions that would require further research.

5.    Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence, focuses on and supports a single idea; one topic per paragraph. Logical transitions between paragraphs create a clear flow from point to point through the essay.

6.    Makes as complete an argument (analysis) as space permits.

Writing clarity and correctness

1.    Phrases ideas in direct, clear, concise sentences that are easy to understand.

2.    Expresses ideas in the active voice, using strong, vigorous action verbs, in the simple past tense.

3.    Includes correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

4.    Writes in the third person.