Contain a header with your full name, assignment

Definition-Description Assignment

Points 150/ percentage: 15%

Due date:   First draft September 28 @ 11:59PM via Canvas

Final draft October 11 @ 11:59 PM via Canvas

Write a three- to three and a half-page double-spaced (950-1000 words) detailed definition and description essay on ONE of the following topics:

1. My favorite place to go in America.

2. My dream place to visit in America.

While choosing your specific travel place or sight to define and describe, refer to our class discussions and activities as well as to travel places and sights discussed in Simulation 1 “Route 66.”

After giving a concise definition of the topic, describe its most important characteristics. You should not rely on one source only, but instead should research other sources for more diverse and comprehensive perspectives. You should use at least three additional published sources. One source of information should be personal experience with the topic.

Your essay should

§  Contain a header with your full name, assignment, your instructor’s full name, and date

§  Be typed in Times New Roman 12 point

§  Be double spaced

§  have 1 inch (1” = 2.54 cm) margins on all sides

§  have proper APA citations, pagination, and a reference page

Suggested Steps:

Step 1: Consider all the ideas that we have discussed together in class and ideas that are interesting for you. Create an outline.

Step 2: Do some research.  Consult credible sources to provide yourself with multiple views and examples. September 19 – class at the Library.

Be sure you gather your sources by September 22.

Step 3:  Write a rough draft of your essay integrating your chosen sources to support and illustrate your definition September 28.  Come to class prepared for peer review October 5.

Step 4: come to an individual conference with the instructor and ask questions about your rough draft. October 8 & 10.

Step 5: visit the Writing center.

Step 6: Write Revision Letter (reflecting on the revisions and feedback from peer review, your instructor’s comments, the Writing Center, and the revision strategies discussed in class).

Step 7:  Prepare a final draft using the feedback from peer review, your instructor’s comments, the Writing Center, and the revision strategies discussed in class October 11.

Grading Criteria:

Your final draft will be graded on the extent to which your essay

  • Clearly follows the prompt and has relevant content
  • Contains a dynamic thesis.
  • Uses well-constructed paragraphs with clear topic sentences, objective evidence and illustrations in support of the thesis.
  • Has an engagingintroductionand a conclusionwhich does not just summarize but leads the reader out of the paper.
  • Has appropriate vocabulary.
  • Is free of grammatical and mechanical errors.
  • Is properly formatted.
  • Artfully integrates and embeds borrowed material.
  • APA format citation, both in-text and a References page are required.