Describe the yoga studio or venue

Your paper should be no longer than 6 pages total, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. It should have two required sections: (1) Narrative description (3 pages max) and (2) Analysis (3 pages max). Please number your pages.Upload the paper by the due date by clicking on the above link. You will be graded according to this rubric


Attending a Class

From the perspective of the assignment, you may attend the class as an observer or a participant/observer. However, if you choose to observe, be sure to ask the instructor if it’s OK to do so. If you participate, you obviously won’t be able to take notes during the class, but bring a notebook to jot down your impressions immediately afterwards.

Narrative Description of the Class (3 pages max)

Begin this section of your written report with basic info:

  • Date/time/length of the class
  • Location of class (i.e. Samara Yoga Studio in Davis Square)
  • Type of class (i.e. one-hour restorative asana, 90-minute Iyengar I/II)
  • Teacher’s name

Record your observations of the class without editorial comments. This means that you are not to write what you think is happening (i.e., “that student seems to be in pain”) but what you see (i.e. “one student grimaced and groaned loudly as he repeatedly attempted to place his ankle behind his ear”). Some suggestions on things to notice and report on:

  • Describe the yoga studio or venue
  • Do people in class seem to know each other? Do they appear to be regulars to the class/studio? Brand newcomers? Be sure to provide examples to support your observations.
  • Describe participant behavior. Is everyone doing the poses? Resting? Drinking water? Leaving the room? Do people chat at the beginning or do they sit in meditation? Do they talk during the class?
  • Describe – but don’t critique – the instructor. Observe and report on her or his verbal and body language. Consider her/his style and approach to the practice. Does she or he bring philosophy into instruction? Anatomy? Tell stories? Give detailed or brief instructions about how to come in the postures?
  • Give an overview of the poses covered in class