discuss your findings and list two interesting items

This online discussion is about the life of William Shakespeare, considered the greatest playwright in theatre history.  Before the internet age, if one wanted to study Shakespeare, one would have to research scholarly journals, history books, etc.  But in today’s world, a “google” search on William Shakespeare will garner you several million hits.  Many people place him on a high pedestal, which gives the impression to some that Shakespeare was a deity, when in fact he was just a regular guy who had a passion for writing plays.

  • research William Shakespeare – his plays, his life (family, friends, personal views, secrets), his influence on theatre, history and entertainment
  • discuss your findings and list two interesting items (facts or even assumptions) about the playwright’s life, which you may not have known before (approximately 150-200 words)
  • after sharing these items, review your classmates’ postings and respond to at least two of them, adding one or two additional facts not listed in their original post