Explain your strategy in creating the image.

Complete all of the following activities (100-150 words total, two images, one citation). (Two responses: 50 words each).

  1. Visit http://everyonesanauthor.tumblr.com/post/25032144945/is-racism-predictable-this-ted-talk-by-nate (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  and watch the TED talk by statistician Nate Silver on whether race  affects voting. He includes slides with lists, bar graphs, photos, and  maps. How well would you have been able to follow his speech without the  visuals? (You might want to try just listening to the audio without  watching the screen.) Which of the four image types (list, bar graph,  photo, map) was the most helpful to you? Why?
  2. Choose one  image (list, bar graph, photo, map) from your research for your report  essay and link to it in your response. Provide a complete and accurate  MLA-style citation for your image (use easybib.com for help!).
  3. Create an  original image (list, bar graph, photo, map) that could accompany your  report essay as further support to your thesis. Explain your strategy in  creating the image.