Format Specifics:

  • Topic: Should animals be used in circuses?
  • Format Specifics:
    7 pages

    • double-spaced lines
    • 12pt font
    • 1 inch margins
    • page numbers (bottom right) on all pages following the title page (NOT on title page)
    • each section should begin with a heading (e.g., Introduction. See template section headings)
  • References section of your paper should include at least 2 peer-reviewed sources that are in bold font. See “References” section below with further explanation.                                                                                                                                                 Pro & Con Position’s Perspectives: Discuss the pro and con positions on the topic and provide at least 2 different perspectivesunder each side of the question
  • References: provide at least 2 peer-reviewed articles that supports both positions (1 for Pro and 1 for Con) in APA reference style
  • Posted: 11 days ago
  • Due: 28/10/2018
  • Budget: $70