give background/ history of issues

paragraph 1-Introduction

a)set attention of readers

b) give background/ history of issues

c) state claim explicitly in one sentence

. simple or complex sentence

paragraph 2- point A of opposition

– topic sentence (con)

paragraph 3- refutation of point A

-topic sentence (pro)

paragraph 4- point B of opposition

-topic sentence(con)

Paragraph 5 refutation o point B

-topic sentence (pro)

Paragraph 6- point C

-topic sentence(pro)

paragraph 7- evaluation of evidence

– recommendation (how you see the topic sentence as a problem.)

* paragraph 1 and 2 in one page

*paragraph 3 and 4 in page 2

*paragraph 5 and 6 in page 3

*paragraph 7 in page 4

*page 5- work cited 5 to 6(the one I will send you)

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