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First Major Paper Assignment: Arguing for a Definition of Higher Education

Description: Make an argument to define higher educationin a way that readers will find illuminating given the essays and excerpts from Chapter 18, “Education in America: Issues and Concerns,” in Read, Reason, Write. You must cite at least two of the readings from Chapter 18 to support your argument.

Take care not to define higher educationas a dictionary, encyclopedia, or other outside source defines it. Instead, articulate a precise and defendable definition of your own, a definition whose merits you explain throughout your paper.

Audience: Your readers are graduating high school students, many but not all of whom will enter college in a few months. So, as you write, consider what graduating high school students are likely to know or thinkthat they know about higher education.

Context: Aided by the first few chapters in Read, Reason, Write, we have discussed and written about what an argument is, including how differing understandings of a term may rest at the heart of an argument.

Also, we have addressed how definitions can matter—how the act of defining a term one way as opposed to another way can place people and their needs into new categories, can give or deny people access to ideas and services.

For example, is obesity a disease? Well, what counts as a disease? Also, is it a college student’s right to be treated with respect? Well, what counts as a right—and as respect? As these examples show, precise and carefully supported and explained definitions of a fuzzy term can change minds and shape actions. Now is your opportunity to define a term in a way that you see fit, not as a dictionary or encyclopedia defines it, but as you think the term should be defined so as to influence readers in a certain way.

***Remember to use MLA format, Times New Roman font, size 12, Double Space, include a Heading and Header***

Length: 750 – 1000 words.

Essay 1 DUE OCT 1 BY 11PM