Show reader the important and intriguing element about the teacher

Please before you accept assignment review the attachment . If you can see the attachment under my post please let me know . It is important that the writer has clarity so that paper is done correctly.

The paper should be a very detailed descriptive essay about your high school teacher.  Show reader the important and intriguing element about the teacher. In the intro say the person name. Also include a thesis statement. For additional information review sections under attachment that says: Essentials of quality paper and Style guidelines for this and every future paper.

lastly, Use serif font : times, geramond or jensen

Margin : 1 inch (this include the botton of every page but the last

Line spacing: Double. Font size no larger than 12

Title page : put name, couse title, meeting time,date (I will fill the name in)

My instuctors name Barry Hall should appear on the upper left part of page 1 only.

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