The discussion will identify various privacy concerns social media users need to think about

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TOPIC: Evaluation of Social Media

AUDIENCE: Undergraduate College Students

GOALS: To Evaluate the Major Privacy Concerns on Social Media

TYPE OF PROPOSITION (value, facts, policy?): Facts


· Social media and privacy? Privacy is like a human right.

· The discussion will identify various privacy concerns social media users need to think about

· I will address: predicting social media users’ behaviors; privacy glitches ad concerns; and how to control social media privacy.

· Most internet users are unware of the importance of maintaining privacy in the use of social media. They don’t know the privacy rights they are entitled to.

Body Paragraph 1:

· Predicting social media users’ behaviors

· Social media users use this sites to talk about themselves, share stories, and other personal information, with the most used being Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

· In chapter 16 of the internet and social media is believed to create a “virtual panopticon”.

· People believe that ensuring the privacy of personal information is under the person’s control, but social media has disrupted the sense of privacy of the users’ information.

Body Paragraph 2:

· Privacy glitches and concerns

· The basic privacy concerns and attacks include passive and active attacks, and privacy breaches.

· Social media users experience cyber bullying, malware attacks, hacking, and information hijackers.

· Social media users continue to experience different privacy concerns based on the specific sites they are using, calling for the need to alert the media users on the possible threats and ways of mitigating them.

Body Paragraph 3:

· Controlling social media privacy

· Evaluating social media privacy concerns will help develop was on which these issues can be addressed.

· Protecting privacy is not only an individual’s responsibility but also responsibility for the sites managers.

· Some people think privacy can only be achieved by getting rid of social media apps, however there are better ways of maintaining privacy.


· Social media is a virtual community that needs regulation.

· Therefore, users need to understand that social media information has rights to privacy.

· We all can’t do without social media; therefore, we need to ensure that nobody mishandles whatever information we display on these social media platforms.


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