To being practical involved thinking in details of observation in your paper as evidence




To being practical involved thinking in details of observation in your paper as evidence.  Staying focus on your paper argumentative and agreement with the purpose of your essay and a visual projection of your idea.  The purpose is to maintain your guidance with your reader with questions that you may want to answer yourself with clarification.  In some areas, you may need to think critically to prove your paper point of view, this allows you to help explore more of your argument in your thesis.  When drafting through your essay there may be times when you may need to recreate or your thesis to value the information you are expressing.

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Your paper should outline from the beginning to the end with a body of evidence to support your paper. The productivity of the paper should give the proper introduction that shows the proceeds of information needed to establish your thesis and reasons.  By providing a proper introduction establishes an argumentative approach to your idea with some questionable arguments.  Evaluate your essay and provide the wanting to know more to your reader as to what support the idea with factual information that covers your point logically.  Write your paper in an explanatory part of your paper to be more forceful and consistent in developing a normative conclusion.



Andy Goldsworthy is an extraordinary land artist and sculptor. The vision that this gentleman has for creating work from materials that he finds on site such as leaves, petals, sticks, pinecones, stones, and ice fragments is outstanding and genius.  One of my favorite pieces of artwork that he created is the unearthly glow at the base of a sycamore tree and how he carefully placed the leaves around the roots.

In my opinion, Jeanne-Claude and Christo’s work is visually impressive.  Their creative artwork creates joy and beauty in familiar landscapes by using fabric or other forms of material. It is outstanding that an artist can work so hard on creating and displaying their talent and then it quickly goes away.  Their greatest work was “The Gates”, it was displayed as one of the most exciting public art projects ever.  A total of 7503 gates were made of saffron color fabric which in Central Park were placed paths in Central Park.

I think both of these artists create their own versions of art.  Both types of artists have to be very creative and have a vision so broad.  Being a land artist and environmental artist takes great courage. Creating a piece of art that quickly disappears rather than being available to view in a museum takes confidence.



Andy Goldsworhty is a British sculptor, photographer, and sculptor who has a wide range on converting art. He has a special form on converting art from natural resources, including leaves rocks and even ice.

My opinion of Goldsworthy’s art he does not use materialistic things,  Goldsworhty uses Natural resources that conducts such a simple and very much beautiful form of art. Goldsworhty makes the simplest things, such as leaves, ice even rocks, look as if the most detailed form of art. He is an excellent form of making the simplest things in life the sweetest.

Christo, and Jeanne Claude,  made a floating piece of art. They created environmental works of art such as the floating peris, the running fence, and the gates. They all convert environmental things int works of art.

Yes, I consider this a form of art, because it literally makes the simple pictures so special, this could be many peoples wallpapers for all we know.



I feel my writing process is unique depending on the topic of the paper. I normally find selecting a topic easy, I make sure I feel confident in the topic to ensure my ability to show through my writing. I normally will write the first sentence of each paragraph, to help me when I go back to finish it. Then I choose to sort my notes on my information and select which paragraph would be better suited, sometimes I find myself adding a paragraph so the flow of the paper stays consistent. While I revise my paper I carefully make sure it is easy to read, so I tend to read it out loud myself, and also offer a copy to my peers around me. I feel that I do not have a writing process, but by me saying that shows I do. The constant structure in my process no matter the topic is always, chose a confident topic, write the first sentence and sort my information by paragraph.


What are the three elements of logos, ethos, and pathos, and what do they mean in a real-life argument?

Write two to three sentencing on paraphrasing.

The NCTM states that it is important to focus on the process when teaching mathematics. What does this mean? Give a specific example word count 50



Why is it important to narrow our topics to specific ideas? Can you think of some ways that you already can eliminate stray thoughts to focus on one subject? 100 words


What is the advantage to our writing if we select topics that we connect with or have an interest in, such as our career interests? 100 words