Two different musical artists

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Thursday Class

Length: 2-3 pages + works cited page

Workshop: Oct 11

Due Date: Oct 18

Formatting: MLA style: 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced, proper heading on left side, last name and page number on right side

Overview: Show the similarities and differences between two things. Should have a thesis that represents your overall conclusion of this comparison. Paragraphs should have topic sentences and unity.

Some Topics for Comparison/Contrast:

Two different gaming systems

Two different phones

Two different movies (in the same genre)

Two different novels

Two different musical artists

Homeschooling vs Public School

Public vs Private school

Two different countries / states / cities

Two different super heroes

Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings

Think of your own great idea! Just talk to me or send me email first.

Paragraphs: An introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion

Introduction: Give an overview of what the essay is about. Should include: 1) both topics being discussed; 2) a focus on similarities, differences, or both; 3) a thesis statement as the final sentence (one is better than the other, two different things are more similar than may be believed, two similar things are more different than may be thought, etc). YOU MUST HAVE AN ARGUMENT HERE.

Body Paragraphs: Can focus on one side at a time or move point by point. See textbook for methods of organization. Should contain

Topic Sentence: First sentence should state the argument of the paragraph. This argument should directly support your thesis.

Evidence: Reference to a secondary source that supports your claim. This can be a direct quote, paraphrase or summary.

Evaluation: Your interpretation of the evidence and explanation of how it proves the claim.

Conclusion: Sum up how this paragraph helps prove the thesis.

Conclusion: Bring your argument together and answer the “so what?” question. This means you show why your argument is important, and how it fits into a broader context. Tell the reader again how your argument brings something new to the conversation.

Research: For this essay you must find at least two sources that you cite in your essay. Each body paragraph should have at least one source supporting it. Internet sources are fine but must be high-quality sources. Wikipedia, blogs, and personal websites are not valid sources for this essay.