What ethical issues will you need to keep in mind when adapting your speech to the audience? 

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find a topic and follow the procedure


  1. Consider the criteria for the Persuasive Speech and think of possible main arguments/theses for the speech that will allow you to fulfill these criteria. (Note: You should consider the questions below as you brainstorm.)
  2. Decide on one main argument/thesis for the Persuasive Speech.
  3. Review Chapter 3: Analyzing the Audience and various pages listed in the questions below.
  4. Write your Audience Analysis #2 paper (at least 1 page, double-spaced; minimum 250 words, not including the text of the questions) by answering the questions below.


In general, your main objective for the Persuasive Speech assignment is to persuade the audience (your classmates) on an issue. The Audience Analysis #2 paper provides an opportunity for you to analyze the audience and consider ways to construct your speech to better persuade the audience.


  1. What is the (thesis) proposition of your speech, and what do you want your audience to do after listening to your speech? (5 pts.)
  2. What characteristics (e.g., age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, ability status, political views, etc.), beliefs, attitudes, or values of the audience may be significant to consider when persuading them on this issue? (5 pts.) Note: You may not know a lot about your audience, but it is likely quite diverse. So think about what characteristics, beliefs, attitudes, or values may be represented among your peers.
  3. What ethical issues will you need to keep in mind when adapting your speech to the audience?  If there are none, then explain why you think there are no ethical issues to consider. (5 pts.)
  4. How will your speech demonstrate appeals to ethos (p. 295), pathos (p. 297), and logos? Be specific. (5 pts.) (pg. 295-300)