where you investigated two sides of a controversy

The Argumentative Position Paper

For this assignment, you will expand upon your Exploratory Paper, where you investigated two sides of a controversy. In this paper, you will select a side and argue your position regarding that controversy.

To argue effectively, you must clearly state your position and your major points of evidence in your thesis statement, and then, each body paragraph should work to prove a point. Within each paragraph, you must use academic research to support your ideas, which will include quoted and cited material from these sources. You must also acknowledge the opposition to your position, which is called a counterargument, within the body of your paper.

As you craft your argument, you should work to avoid logical fallacies, inappropriate academic style, and plagiarism. Any paper that has been intentionally plagiarized will receive a zero. Likewise, any paper that does not include a Works Cited page will not be graded.

Basic Requirements:

  • 800-1,000 words in MLA format (not including Works Cited page)
  • 3-4 academic sources
  • Proper Works Cited page
  • Effective Essay Organization:
  • Introduction with a clear thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs with clear topic sentences, specific details, and logical connections to thesis
  • Effective and varied transitional words and phrases to connect ideas
  • Conclusion that reiterates thesis and answers the “so what?”
  • Clear background and counterargument paragraphs before your major points of evidence to showcase the issue fully
  • Properly integrated and cited source material that logically supports the thesis
  • Proper use of spelling, grammar, and punctuation; no first or second person

Please follow these instructions for this assignment.

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