Would you argue with the author on any points?

Report Issue

 Read p. 149-151 “My Father’s House” and create a response to this narrative.  In your response, you might consider the following:

What areas stood out to you and why? What questions do you have and how would you

answer them? Did the reading remind you of anything else you’ve read, seen, or

experienced? Perhaps you have a personal story to share that is relevant to the text.

Maybe you have seen a photo or video that connects to the reading. Was there a line that

really resonated with you, either positively or negatively?

  • What did you not understand? Were there any unfamiliar words or references? What things do you hope will be explained further as you read more or hear more in class? Are you wondering what reactions your classmates have to anything in the reading?
  • Would you argue with the author on any points? Can you imagine others who would? Do you think the author is ignoring anything vital or misrepresenting reality in any way? Does this seem to be a conscious or unconscious choice?

Reflections are personal, based on your own experiences and critical reactions to the text. Minimum length requirement: Two paragraphs