Write your name in the third column

  • To complete the Professional Experience assignment you MUST use this link:  Professional Experience #1


    • Find an article about professional communication written within the last 18 months
    • Go to the first open section on the chart (do NOT overwrite anything!)
    • Paste the link in the first column
    • Write a 25-50 word summary in the second column
    • Write your name in the third column
    • Post in Blackboard (this MUST be done for credit to be received)
    • This is ALL or NOTHING: Directions must be followed; it must be submitted to 365 and Blackboard ON TIME or no credit is awarded.
  • Professional Experience #1
    Due at the end of Week 1 (not eligible for late policy unless an approved documented exception is provided)
    Follow the provided OneDrive link above to the document titled “Professional Communication Table.”
    Your Professional Experience is to find a recent article (published in the last 18 months) focused on effective professional communications. You will read the article and then develop a 25 to 50-word summary.
    Fill in the appropriate information in the “Professional Communication Table” and submit the article link to Blackboard (by clicking the “Professional Experience #1” link above).
    In order to receive credit for completing this task you must:
    •   Provide a viable link to the article
    •   Include a short 25 to 50-word summary
    •   Fill in the “Employee” section with your name
    •   Copy the webpage link to the article you summarized and submit it to the Professional Experience 1 link in Blackboard
  • Posted: 8 months ago
  • Due: 04/04/2018
  • Budget: $5