Writing in the Social Sciences by Erin Ackerman,

1. Read

  • “‘Analyze This’: Writing in the Social Sciences by Erin Ackerman, Chapter Fifteen in They Say/I Say (184-201).  Notice the templates given for agreeing and disagreeing, introducing  gaps in research or knowledge, giving summaries, discussing data, and  establishing why it matters.

2. Research.

  • Think about the artifact that you found in your last response and then find an article that relates to it in any way to share with your classmates from the CSN Online Library. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Hint: Look for the “CITE THIS ARTICLE” button to get your MLA Citation for future reference. Note:  You don’t have to incorporate your research into your response. This is  for practice finding articles using the Library databases. You’ll learn  more about this later!

3. Respond.

In thinking about your first response, list 3 of the templates from pages 184-201 of They Say/I Say  that would work well if you were to revise your response for a major  paper and why. You only need to write out the templates and write a  brief description of why those would work well for a revision.


  • Type out the full templates you choose