Your rough draft should be at least 750 words at this stag

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ow that you have your introduction and thesis statement, you are ready to begin making points and supporting them with evidence. This assignment helps you begin writing your persuasive essay by creating a first draft. This rough draft does not need to be as long or as developed as the final draft you will submit next week, but it should show that you are making a solid effort to get started with the essay.

By the due date assigned, post your rough draft to the Submissions Area as an attached APA- formatted Microsoft Word document. You may use this APA-formatted template.

Assignment Requirements:

Your rough draft should be at least 750 words at this stage. (The final draft will need to meet a 1,200-word minimum requirement.)

Include a title page and a references page. Include the introduction and thesis that you developed in W4A1, and add supporting points and relevant evidence in the body paragraphs. Evidence includes examples, facts, statistics, and quoted material. Incorporate at least one of your sources into this rough draft, and cite your evidence using APA-style conventions, both in-text and on the references page. Use this APA Citation Helper for guidance in properly citing resources.

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