What are the principal parts of the object?

GRading rubric for OBJECT DESCRIPTION Assignment


Students must write a technical description of a mechanical object: your description should be approximately two to three pages in length. Your description should have a clear title. Simple photographs or graphics should accompany your description to make it as clear as possible. Students must first choose a mechanical object about which to write the description. Students will then write a clear, professional description of the object with an appropriate level of detail for your audience. (Assume that your audience is a general, well-educated one without technical knowledge about the object you have chosen to describe.) Your description should answer the following questions:

1. Who am I writing for (my readers)?

2. What is the object or item?

3. What is the function of the item?

4. What does the object or item look like?

5. How does the object or item work?

6. What are the principal parts of the object?

Rely on the sample object description at the bottom of page 550 and the guidelines for providing appropriate detail in descriptions on page 551 in our TC text to help you organize your description. Organize your description part by part in a way that makes the material easiest to read and understand, as indicated clearly in the blue area on page 551. Keep your writing spare and concise, with no extra words. Strike a balance between wordiness and too little information. Note that the example on p. 550 in our book provides a good example of an object description. The deadline will be in early November.

Graded criteria Exemplary (A) Proficient (B) Marginal (C) Failing (D)
Description follows standard formatting: one-inch margins, 12-point type font
Description includes a clear and relevant title
Description is approximately 2-3 pages in length
Simple illustrative graphics and/or photographs accompany the description
Description includes an introduction
Paper includes a description of the form of the object
Paper includes a description of the function of the object
Description explains how the item works
Description is well-organized in a part by part fashion that is clear and easy to read (see p. 551)
Description provides an appropriate level of detail
Description is written in spare, concise language: no wasted words or repetition
Description is free of grammar, syntax, and spelling errors.
Description was submitted to dropbox as a pdf file.

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